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highest self with ease

If your dreams do not scare you,
they are not big enough.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


You’re navigating down a rapid river on a kayak, trying to reach the sea. You are stressed and hyper-vigilant as you only focus on what’s in front of you, reacting to danger after danger. After picking up a coach on a river bank, you tell him your objective is to reach the ocean.

The coach points to a calmer estuary to the left, with the same destination on the horizon. Together, you turn left, arriving at a place where time stands still. You savor your environment and take in the calmness of your surroundings. Your perspective has shifted to ease. You glide forward effortlessly, and reach your destination as the river opens to a breathtaking ocean.

I want to see you reach your goals; not by being different than who you are or using a path that worked for someone else, but by being the highest and best version of yourself.

When you hire me as your coach, you get an accountability partner who is dedicated to

YOUR growth, YOUR wins, and YOUR life.

  • Achieving work life balance
  • Getting a promotion
  • Obtaining higher compensation
  • Improving your performance and leadership
  • Changing how you’re perceived in your organization
  • Growing your self confidence
  • Building and leading a team


Nobody needs a coach. You inherently possess the tools necessary for success. You’re an innate problem solver. However, doing the above optimally is a different story. Are you using the totality of your capabilities? This is where coaching enters the equation.

While coaching does not solve problems, it does enhance your ability to tackle your challenges head-on, and together we draw forth your awareness of how you make decisions and take action. This awareness helps you stay on the path of self-recognition and aids you in moving forward with a clear mind. 

Believe it or not, I had an Executive coach that helped me think clearly to maximize my potential. Now, as an Executive Leadership coach, I get to be the mirror for my clients to HELP THEM see and understand how their thinking, speaking, and actions impact their experiences, businesses, and results.


Creating a powerful partnership with leaders to support their vision for how they want their life and workplace to be.


Supporting our future leaders through youth coaching is a core passion of mine. Coaching can have such a profound impact on young people to support them in creating powerful futures.

I’m Larry Cazenave

I am a passionate and dedicated Executive Coach focused on helping my clients realize their full potential by striking that perfect work/life balance. I am a Certified Coach from Accomplishment Coaching, a Positive Intelligence Coach, and a Certified Youth Resilience Coach from the Youth Coaching Institute. Also, I have over 15 years of sales experience in San Francisco when I was named “Sales Person of the Year” multiple times in a very competitive environment.



Jenna Miller

“Larry is truly incredible. His coaching has truly changed my life, both personally and professionally. He is incredibly intuitive and has helped me work through blocks that were holding me back from reaching goals, both personally and professionally. He asks amazing questions, and helps you really understand yourself and how to get to where you want to go. The tools he has given have been life changing. I highly recommend him as a Coach”

Emilia Zalewska

“Working with Larry has given me wings to be the person, the leader, the mom, and the wife I’ve always wanted to be. He gave me the tools to help me deal with stress and overwhelm daily. Larry is the person who is there for me; he is in my corner. He helped me shift my mindset to see all the possibilities, but most importantly, he helped me discover my power and who I truly am. All of that has happened in just two months of working together. I am so looking forward to what the future will bring. Thank you!


“Larry’s great! His approachable and welcoming nature makes it easy to create intentional space for interpersonal change and reflection. His focus on creating tangible, actionable self-reflected plans and willingness to be an accountability partner was super helpful in furthering my personal goals. Thanks, Larry!”


A friend of mine referred Larry to me. Larry was able to help shed insight in my life and my business. He shared easy tactics, systems, and questions that were effortless and had an immediate positive impact on me personally and professionally.”


“Larry is a highly skilled and compassionate coach. I feel safe in during our time together to express my thoughts and feelings, and ponder what they mean for me. Larry never tells me what to do or how to be. He simply asks me questions and gives me the time, tools, and space to find the answers for myself. Larry is empathetic, passionate, and thoughtful in his approach. He is highly motivating and holds me accountable, which keeps me excited to continue my personal growth!” 


“Larry is amazing! He has really given me tangible tools in my business and professional life. Action steps, different approaches to things I’m currently struggling with and clarity. And he’s right, those tools were inside of me the whole time, he just provided an opportunity of discovery. I feel safe to be vulnerable & respected in our sessions. Larry is not only a very positive person but he’s transparent & clear in the way he organizes his practice. I look forward to our time together always. I would highly recommend Larry the Lifecoach to anyone who is ready and willing to take that next step in personal growth. Be open & take that leap of faith!”


I highly recommend Empowered Path Coach. Larry is warm, personable, and insightful. He has helped me realize epiphanies in my search for a career!


“Focused, purposeful life coaching with Larry, has been a game changer, as we have gone deep into drive and meaning. I have found our sessions to be illuminating and empowering (pun intended) I am stronger in my path while truly resonating with my essence as a human being trying to get out of my own way 🙂 Larry is patient, empathic, and a firm but gentle guide.”


“I’ve been working with Larry for just a few weeks but already he has put me on a forward path through his gently forceful coaching hand. As Larry says, the change you want has always been within your reach. Now you have someone to help you get there. But you must be willing to be very honest with yourself and to move out of your comfort zone. Larry is a man of great integrity who practices what he preaches. He has taken what he has learned from his own coaching experiences to get himself unstuck and to change his narrative. That’s what makes him such an effective partner. When you choose to make a change in your life, choose Larry. You will not be disappointed. He is a terrific Life Coach.”


Larry is a phenomenal coach and an awesome human. He is deeply empathetic, caring, personable, and supportive. He gives you the space and structure to come to a deeper understanding of yourself and create positive change in your life. I wholeheartedly recommend his coaching services!”

Todd Schroeder

“I rarely write google reviews, but felt compelled to write one here. Larry has been working with my teenage son and has provided valuable guidance and encouragement. My son, a tough sell, looks forward to his time with Larry and has appreciated his advice. I highly recommend him.”


“During this ongoing pandemic, my anxiety became overwhelming and I felt stuck in the same patterns. I knew that I needed to make some big changes but did not know where to begin or which direction to go. I’m so glad I found Larry. I cannot recommend enough! Larry is easy to talk to, full of empathy & kindness, motivating, and professional. He asked me tough & focused questions that helped me realize I already have the answers I was looking for, and he gave me tools to help me define my goals. He also helped me reduce my anxiety and improve my general mood and ability to focus. I now feel so excited & optimistic about my new goals, and I am enjoying a new ease and calmness in my life.”


“Working with Larry using the positive intelligence curriculum has been a life changing experience. Larry is fantastic, supportive, empathetic and professional. My sessions with him have helped me better understand myself and others plus how to push thru mental & emotional roadblocks. With his guidance I’m moving towards reaching my true potential!”


“I was introduced to Larry and the PQ Program at a critical point in my career and I cannot recommend him enough! Our time together was a welcomed forcing mechanism to reflect on where I was currently at in my career, align my efforts to where I want to be in the future, and find self-compassion and empathy in the process. As my career has progressed and responsibilities have grown, I have become increasingly aware of the need to set aside dedicated time to strategize on various efforts as well as the weeks ahead. Larry pushed me to reframe things differently and give myself credit where credit was due. Larry is easy to talk to, empathetic and kind, motivating, and professional. The overall process has greatly improved my well-being by helping me address my goals in an efficient and directed manner.”


“I am an academic at Stanford. Coaching sessions with Larry are a dedicated time to formulate strategies related to forward thinking plans. This process has improved my overall well-being by helping me address my goals in an efficient and directed manner, freeing up the excessive mental energy that these tasks can consume. Larry is very thoughtful and productive during our coaching sessions. He is very easy to talk to with, and he communicates very clearly. Overall, Larry is an effective guide that will help you connect the aspects of your life you are hoping to address in the coaching sessions in a forward thinking manner. I would highly recommend Larry!”


My introverted 17 year old daughter is really coming out of her shell as a result of being coached by Larry. It’s a blessing to see her confidence and self esteem build as a result of these meaningful sessions.


“Larry has helped me to come out of my shell. I had some serious anxiety in certain aspects of my life and he helped me grow enough confidence to be able to move beyond the anxiety long enough to accomplish my goal. He has also talked me through some other personal matters in life and I am forever grateful for being able to be blessed with the time that he has set aside to help me. He went out of his way to take an hour out of his weekend just so that he would be able to work with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help that you have given me over these 12 weeks.”


Larry Cazenave is a compassionate coach who is dedicated to helping those around them achieve their goals and find balance in their lives. He understands the various challenges we are all wrestling with and is flexible in his approach, shifting to meet your needs and moving at a pace that allows for sustainable growth and development. I am grateful for Larry’s support and dedication, and whole heartedly recommend Empowered Path Coach.


I feel inspired, energized, motivated and happy after my sessions with Larry. He has been very patient in listening to my concerns. Though I have done only a few sessions with him, I already feel a huge improvement in the way I react and handle my day to day tasks. I would highly recommend him.


I was going through a few things and was in need of some guidance. Luckily I came across Empowered Path Coach. Larry is an amazing coach. He’s empathetic and professional. He truly guides you to figure out root causes. He made me take a step back and helped me realize how much I was actually accomplishing. He provided me with tools and perspective to overcome my challenges. I highly recommend Larry!


“It’s just been really powerful. I feel like I’m coming into a place where I’m more comfortable taking risks and going with what I believe in and moving into places where I want to be. Your partnership throughout it has been huge. You were amazing. Just the way in which you work is so clear and thoughtful and empathetic, but also honest. And it’s just really cool. I really appreciate it.”



“Larry is an amazing coach who has been a tremendous resource for me, both professionally and personally. I highly recommend Larry for anyone who is looking for someone to hold them accountable, offer insight and feedback, and be a sounding board for their thoughts, ideas, dreams, and goals. I look forward to our sessions and always learn something about myself and how I can improve my station in life.”


“Larry has first-class listening skills and regularly ties back elements of prior conversations in our journey. By blending Positive Intelligence and insights, Larry has been able to make a significant difference in a single month. He helped me find the fire I thought was gone on our first meeting and we’ve been working successfully to stoke it.” 


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