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Hello, I’m Larry Cazenave, a certified professional coach and founder of Empowered Path Coaching. My passion is helping high school teens and college students achieve clarity, confidence, and purpose. I work with youth struggling with motivation, social anxiety, and finding direction. Through tailored coaching programs, I guide teenagers in their personal development and self-discovery. We identify disempowering narratives and limiting beliefs that hold them back. My goal is to empower youth to gain self-confidence, overcome obstacles, and unlock their full potential. If your teen is looking to break free of old habits and gain a clear sense of purpose, please reach out. I’m excited to support their journey toward becoming their best, most empowered selves. My mission is fostering the next generation of confident, purpose-driven leaders. 


Empowered Path Coach

Life Coaching Offered

High School Teens

I guide teenagers on a journey of self-discovery to attain clarity, motivation, and genuine self-assurance. 

College Students

I help college students navigate early adulthood by providing coaching to build real-world confidence, conquer anxiety, and gain direction when feeling lost.

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