Blazing a trail forward is challenging when you’re only throwing one pebble onto the path at a time. 

If you’re ready to thrive instead of survive and live the life you want to the fullest, be sure to check out my service packages to find the best fit for you. I look forward to meeting you soon!

1:1 Coaching

Manage stress and anxiety, build confidence, courage, and self-worth along with managing and navigating transitions.


Adding Mental Fitness to your 1:1 experience will increase your ability to focus, decrease your anxiety, and more.


Thrive with support from others in a group coaching atmosphere. Group coaching can be a starter for coaching or a great addition to 1:1.

I’m Larry Cazenave

…and I’m your Empowered Path Coach. I work with you to help you realize your full potential in your professional and personal life. Together, we’ll remove the distorted lens through which you view yourself and the world so that you’re free to live effortlessly and without limits while seeing everything for what it truly is.




“It’s just been really powerful. I feel like I’m coming into a place where I’m more comfortable taking risks and going with what I believe in and moving into places where I want to be. Your partnership throughout it has been huge. You were amazing. Just the way in which you work is so clear and thoughtful and empathetic, but also honest. And it’s just really cool. I really appreciate it.”



“Working with Larry using the positive intelligence curriculum has been a life changing experience. Larry is fantastic, supportive, empathetic and professional. My sessions with him have helped me better understand myself and others plus how to push thru mental & emotional roadblocks. With his guidance I’m moving towards reaching my true potential!”


“During this ongoing pandemic, my anxiety became overwhelming and I felt stuck in the same patterns. I knew that I needed to make some big changes but did not know where to begin or which direction to go. I’m so glad I found Larry and the PQ Program–I cannot recommend enough! Larry is easy to talk to, full of empathy & kindness, motivating, and professional. He asked me tough & focused questions that helped me realize I already have the answers I was looking for, and he gave me tools to help me define my goals. He also helped keep me accountable to work on the PQ curriculum which has reduced my anxiety and improved my general mood and ability to focus.

I now feel so excited & optimistic about my new goals, and I am enjoying a new ease & calmness in my life.”


“I was introduced to Larry and the PQ Program at a critical point in my career and I cannot recommend him enough! Our time together was a welcomed forcing mechanism to reflect on where I was currently at in my career, align my efforts to where I want to be in the future, and find self-compassion and empathy in the process. As my career has progressed and responsibilities have grown, I have become increasingly aware of the need to set aside dedicated time to strategize on various efforts as well as the weeks ahead. Larry pushed me to reframe things differently and give myself credit where credit was due. Larry is easy to talk to, empathetic and kind, motivating, and professional. The overall process has greatly improved my well-being by helping me address my goals in an efficient and directed manner.”


“I am an academic at Stanford. As my career has progressed and my research team has grown, along with additional responsibilities related to my 7 year old daughter, I have become increasingly aware of the need and desire to set aside dedicated time to strategize on how best to approach the upcoming week, along with the months to come. Although the desire is there, it’s hard to know how to do this, or even how to start such a process, and that is where coaching has come into play for me. Working with Larry in this capacity has provided the exact catalyst I needed. Coaching sessions are a dedicated time to formulate strategies related to forward thinking plans. This process has improved my overall well-being by helping me address my goals in an efficient and directed manner, freeing up the excessive mental energy that these tasks can consume. Larry is very thoughtful and productive during his coaching sessions. Very easy to talk to with, and he communicates very clearly. Overall, Larry is an effective guide that will help you connect the aspects of your life you are hoping to address in the coaching sessions in a forward thinking manner. I highly recommend Larry!”


My introverted 17 year old daughter is really coming out of her shell as a result of being coached by Larry. It’s a blessing to see her confidence and self esteem build as a result of these meaningful sessions.


Larry has helped me to come out of my shell. I have some serious anxiety in certain aspects of my life and he has helped me to grow enough confidence to be able to move beyond the anxiety long enough to accomplish my goal. He has also talked me through some other personal matters in life and I am forever grateful for being able to be blessed with his time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help that you have given me over these 12 weeks. If you are having any kind of troubles in life and you need someone to help guide you down the path so that you can maneuver around the issue, Larry is a great coach to talk to. Thank you, Larry!


Larry Cazenave is a compassionate coach who is dedicated to helping those around them achieve their goals and find balance in their lives. He understands the various challenges we are all wrestling with and is flexible in his approach, shifting to meet your needs and moving at a pace that allows for sustainable growth and development. I am grateful for Larry’s support and dedication, and whole heartedly recommend Empowered Path Coach.


I feel inspired, energized, motivated and happy after my sessions with Larry. He has been very patient in listening to my concerns. Though I have done only a few sessions with him, I already feel a huge improvement in the way I react and handle my day to day tasks. I would highly recommend him.


I was going through a few things and was in need of some guidance. Luckily I came across Empowered Path Coach. Larry is an amazing coach. He’s empathetic and professional. He truly guides you to figure out root causes. He made me take a step back and helped me realize how much I was actually accomplishing. He provided me with tools and perspective to overcome my challenges. I highly recommend Larry!


I highly recommend Empowered Path Coach. Larry is warm, personable, and insightful. He has helped me realize epiphanies in my search for a career!


“Larry is amazing! I met Larry on an online networking platform & we just clicked. I’d never done any life coaching before but was definitely on a path of self development. He has really given me tangible tools in my business and professional life. Action steps, different approaches to things I’m currently struggling with and clarity. And he’s right, those tools were inside of me the whole time, he just provides an opportunity of discovery. I feel safe to be vulnerable & respected in our sessions. Larry is not only a very positive person but he’s transparent & clear in the way he organizes his practice. I look forward to our time together always. I would highly recommend Larry the Lifecoach to anyone who is ready and willing to take that next step in personal growth. Be open & take that leap of faith! “


“Focused, purposeful life coaching with Larry, has been a game changer, as we have gone deep into drive and meaning. I have found our sessions to be illuminating and empowering (pun intended) I am stronger in my path while truly resonating with my essence as a human being trying to get out of my own way 🙂 Larry is patient, empathic, and a firm but gentle guide.”


Larry is a phenomenal coach and an awesome human. He is deeply empathetic, caring, personable, and supportive. He gives you the space and structure to come to a deeper understanding of yourself and create positive change in your life. I wholeheartedly recommend his coaching services!”


“Larry is a highly skilled and compassionate coach. I feel safe in during our time together to express my thoughts and feelings, and ponder what they mean for me. Larry never tells me what to do or how to be. He simply asks me questions and gives me the time, tools, and space to find the answers for myself. Larry is empathetic, passionate, and thoughtful in his approach. He is highly motivating and holds me accountable, which keeps me excited to continue my personal growth!” 


“I’ve been working with Larry for just a few weeks but already he has put me on a forward path through his gentle yet strong coaching hand. As Larry says: the change you want has always been within your reach. Now you have someone to help you get there. But you must be willing to be very honest with yourself and move out of your comfort zone. Larry is a very willing and able partner who will nudge you forward until one day, you get there. Larry is a man of great integrity who practices what he preaches. He has taken what he has learned from his own coaching experiences to get himself unstuck and to change his narrative. That’s what makes him such an effective partner. When you choose to make a change in your life, choose Larry. You will not be disappointed. He is a terrific Life Coach.”