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Hello, I’m Larry Cazenave, a certified professional coach and the founder of Empowered Path Coaching. My focus is on helping individuals achieve clarity, confidence, and purpose in their lives. I offer tailored programs that empower teenagers in their personal development, guide professionals in unlocking their leadership capabilities, and foster workplace confidence through self-discovery.

In our collaborative sessions, we identify disempowering narratives and limiting beliefs, freeing you to move forward with newfound freedom and a clear sense of purpose. If you find yourself stuck in old habits or are eager to unlock greater confidence and potential, I invite you to reach out and schedule a complimentary consultation call. I’m excited to learn more about your journey and how I can support your ongoing growth. 


Empowered Path Coach

Coaching Services Offered

Cultivating Confidence

Explore your aspirations, strengths, and objectives. Uncover and dissolve internal barriers that hinder self-assurance, unveiling your boundless potential with renewed conviction. 

Leadership Building

Seeking Leadership Growth? Want to inspire teams toward a shared vision? Looking to improve your leadership skills? I can help you become the leader you envision. 

Youth Coaching

I guide teenagers on a journey of self-discovery to attain clarity, motivation, and genuine self-assurance. 

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