About Larry Cazenave


Learning from my life and the impact coaching had

My path to becoming a coach was illuminated by both my life journey and the profound impact of coaching. Originally hailing from France, I embarked on a life-altering adventure when I moved to New York as a teenager. After my college years dedicated to business studies, I ventured into the captivating world of music recording. Later on, I made my way to California, where I immersed myself in the wine industry for an enriching 15-year period. During this time, I embraced marriage, and the arrival of my son, Léon, marked a significant milestone.

The birth of Léon triggered a seismic shift within me. It cast a spotlight on aspects of my life where I had been holding back, lacking in courage, and not fully embracing authenticity. I came to a profound realization that I needed to change, not only for my own growth but also to set a genuine example for my son’s future. This realization was indelible, and I felt an unwavering drive to make substantial changes.

After years of personal growth and the invaluable guidance of coaches, I made the decision to become a coach myself. My mission was to empower others to thrive and unlock their full potential. Today, as I read the heartfelt testimonials from my clients, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the profound inspiration that Léon instilled in me to make a meaningful impact on lives. I look forward to sharing this with him someday. My own transformation continues to be the journey I role model for my son. 

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