About Larry Cazenave


Learning from my life and the impact coaching had

I have studied coaching at the highest levels and hold a plethora of credentials. I’ve worked with Executives, CEOs, and Board Members across industries. Yet nothing is as fulfilling as empowering teens and young adults. I immigrated from France as a teen, facing bullying and shyness. A life coach would have helped me tremendously back then. Now a parent in San Francisco, I want to offer that gift of clarity, empowerment and purpose to the next generation. My diverse life experience allows me to connect authentically. I wholeheartedly believe in coaching’s power to transform lives. As someone who overcame challenges as a teen immigrant, my mission is supporting teens and young adults in gaining self-confidence, overcoming obstacles, and unlocking their potential to become future leaders. I aim to empower youth to thrive through perspective and purpose.

The birth of my son, Léon, triggered a seismic shift within me. It cast a spotlight on aspects of my life where I had been holding back, lacking in courage, and not fully embracing authenticity. I came to a profound realization that I needed to change, not only for my own growth but also to set a genuine example for my son’s future. This realization was indelible, and I felt an unwavering drive to make substantial changes. Today, as I read the heartfelt testimonials from my clients, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the profound inspiration that Léon instilled in me to make a meaningful impact on lives. I look forward to sharing this with him someday. My own transformation continues to be the journey I role model for my son. 

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