Hi, I am Larry… 

I am a Life Coach focused on helping my clients realize their full potential in not only their professional career but in their personal lives as well.

I am a native of France (specifically Bordeaux, if you happen to love wine), a father, and a husband. My 3-year-old son Léon is my world (I highly recommend the movie his name was inspired by: Léon The Professional). I love observing his movements with deep curiosity: how he puts things together, the songs he sings, and the imaginary conversations he has. 

I love telling him stories at night and playing hide and seek in the house. I love when he chases me down the hallway after I steal one of his favorite stuffed animals while pretending to be a monster who wants to eat his toes! 

Fatherhood makes me feel so alive.

There’s such an overflow of love there, and I haven’t experienced anything in my life that comes close to this incredible experience.

My passions are countless, from playing basketball with my buddies on the weekends to playing guitar. I’m passionate about supporting my loved ones and making their lives easier by being there for them.

…always listening, never fixing.

I’m also passionate about my self-growth. I’m a professional with 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, a certified wine sommelier (there’s that wine thing again)…

…Look’s great on paper, right?

But what’s my true narrative? How do I view myself and others? What’s the story I tell myself? What identity have I taken on that is the way I make sense of all that I experience in life? 

How is this view distorting
and limiting what I think is possible for myself?

Only when these questions are answered, can you truly free yourself from the burden of not being able to be fully you in this world. And that is my mission: to help you see that being your authentic self is exactly how you thrive. When you stop seeing yourself and the world around you through a distorted lens, you see everything for what it is, and everything becomes effortless, and limitless.

When I’m not working with professionals and leaders,
you’ll find me volunteering and supporting the youth
in need (our next generation of leaders).