Why teen life coaches are needed in San Francisco

I think more teen life coaches are needed in San Francisco when you consider the number of adolescents in the city as well as the mental health crisis present for this demographic. Whether it’s supporting teens with owning their greatness, growing their confidence, improving social and communication skills, I believe teen life coaches in San Francisco can have a huge impact in empowering our next generation of leaders. In today’s world, teens are not attracted to traditional self-reflective environments such as therapy which I believe is better suited for handling past trauma and healing. However, teens will entertain life coaching as way to help them get clear and supported in reaching their goals and dreams.

Imagine life coaches in San Francisco being present in every high school and every college campus for students to take advantage of. Imagine these teens having easy access to a judgement free space where they can explore who they are, and what’s important to them. What difference would that make? I believe that teen life coaches in San Francisco, if properly funded by the city, could revolutionize the well-being of adolescents. Since its infancy in the mid-nineties, life coaching has traditionally been reserved for CEOs and high up executives which in a way really validates its power of transformation. Why not give teens the same access? I am talking about teens who will be much clearer, much more integrated, make better decisions, waste less time, and ultimately feel more fulfilled. Democratizing access to teen life coaches in San Francisco could put the city at the fore front of a revolutionary movement to positively empower our youth. Perhaps, I will see it on a ballot one day? Maybe it will even be covered by insurance one day as therapy is now. One can only dream.

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